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The objective is to visualize the social character of knowledge. Its construction through mutual learning, oriented to the maximum academic quality. Addressing varied issues that make up the corpus of veterinary sciences.

Academic teams

They are made up of 10 (ten) students each, constituted by 5 (five) couples, one for each career year. Only one team per delegation can attend.


Between 3 (three) and 4 (four) groups will compete simultaneously in each round and they will have to answer the same question, having a limit amount of time to respond. In each qualifying round, 30 (thirty) questions will be asked, which will correspond to 10 (ten) cards chosen randomly by the participating groups, each of them with 3 (three) questions about content from their degree. Each team answering correctly will earn 10 (ten) points. The team with more points at the end of each qualifying round will pass to the final round.
There will be as many qualifying rounds as necessary so that every team from the Olympic delegations can participate.

There will be multiple choice questions, and an academic jury that will be responsible for resolving any issues. It is made up of 3 (three) teachers well known in their fields.